Accomodation Rules

The Pension Medard located in municipality of Boží Dar No. 49, Czech republic, is characterized as a private body, where free public access is practically impossible (public access is limited only). The company Medard Active, s.r.o., č. ev. 49, Boží Dar, Reg. no: 29092281, VAT no: CZ29092281 is the owner and manager of this facility. The mentioned property can be used on the basis of reservation being agreed with the manager in advance only.

The period between 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. is determined for your arrival. However, another time can be discussed with the hotel reception when sufficiently in advance. Upon arrival at the hotel you should register at the reception for further important information to be provided in relation to your stay at our hotel. Considering the valid legislation all the hotel’s guests have to be entered into the reservation system of the hotel. It is for this reason we kindly ask you to hand over the identification document to hotel employees to enable us to monitor it. If the hotel guest is obviously under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substance, the hotel reserves the right to refuse his/her accommodation.

Without the prior consent of the reception staff it is valid for clients in the whole hotel area as well as in the centre itself a strict prohibition of the equipment and furnishings relocation (furniture, electronic devices and similar). If you find during your accommodation or in course of stay any deficiencies in the room or in common spaces, please report them to the hotel’s reception. The technician responsible for servicing takes all necessary measures to remedy such malfunctioning as quickly as possible. To be able to accept your visits there are joint premises available. Our guest can receive visitors between 8,00 a.m. and 10,00 p.m. in his room only and that such visit was with the reception consent. Furthermore, there is applied for the object of the centre the principle of strict prohibition to use own power consumer except for: power consumer for personal hygiene, notebooks, tablets and mini-printers, hand-held audios and video players, chargers for consumer listed above, mobile phones, digital and photo cameras Dogs and other animals can be placed in accommodation for a fee according to a valid pricelist. About your intention to accommodate your pet you should inform the hotel’s reception at least 1 day prior to arrival. An optimum state of health is the required condition to accommodate such animals. As the proper holder of the animal you will remain fully responsible, for any consequences of animal behavior, that is why you should have it under the permanent supervision, keep him leashed and give him a basket, to avoid possible conflicts and any damages. In the facility and its close surrounding in general is applied the night’s rest between 10.00 p.m. and 7.00 a.m. In case that the whole facility is used by a single tenant (company, closed society, family, and similar), the prolongation of the night’s rest must be agreed in advance at the hotel reception. Please do not consume your own – fetched – drinks in the restaurant’s premises. The guests are not allowed to store in the room sports equipment and other items, for that are the storage spaces reserved. On the day of termination of your stay we kindly ask you to vacate your room no later than 10:00 a.m., when you don’t agree with the reception staff another time in advance. If you should not have vacated your room by this deadline, you may be charged for a whole additional day. If you ask during your stay to be granted an extension of Accommodation and it will be possible to meet your requirement, the reception employee is entitled to offer you another room than that, where you have been accommodated until now. The guests shall by their departure close all water taps and door, switch off the lights. By checking out you must at the reception desk hand over the keys from the room.

Before leaving the facility for a longer period of time and always before leaving the plot area of the hotel, do not forget please: to switch off all lights and disconnect all electrical equipment in the room to shut all the windows and doors in the room when parking in the hotel parking space check, weather you remembered to lock your car In any case we recommend you before long-term leaving of the facility to contact a reception employee and arrange the manipulation with keys from the hotel side door. When the keys are taken out, it is your duty in the event of their loss to report this at the reception desk in hotel. In the whole hotel object is strictly prohibited to smoke, consume narcotics and other drugs or open fire manipulation. It is prohibited to bring in weapons, ammunition, explosive substances, chemicals, flammables and volatile compounds and subjects generating powerful electromagnetic fields, into the facility. An infringement of this regulation results in immediate termination of the client’s stay with no right to repayment any amount paid for accommodation. The adults are fully responsible for persons who are recommended to them. The adult person has a completely responsibility for the possible damages caused by children.

The client shall be liable for damages caused to the quartermaster’s property, if they were brought down deliberately or inadvertently. If damage is caused, the client is responsible to pay its full amount. The equivalent of the damage shall be paid in cash, respectively accompanied by restitutio in integrum. Upon the demand of the client, a competent employee issues a document on payment of compensation. The quartermaster is liable for all damages towards the client caused through a violation his legal obligations. The quartermaster is liable for the properties of guests and responsible for damages to their things in that case, they were placed in an area determined for this purpose, or on place, where they are usually stored. In the event of loss and re-issue of a new door key, a replacement fee of CZK 200 will be charged to the guest.

Prices for accommodation are calculated according to the current pricelist issued by the quartermaster. Immediately after you send an obligatory order and confirmed reservation to the purchaser will be sent a pre-invoice in the amount of 50% from the whole sum for accommodation. If the advance payment will not be paid within 10 working days, the reservation will be cancelled. The customer has the right to cancel his order, also without giving reasons, namely in written form or per e-mail. The cancellation becomes effective at the moment of the application delivery. The customer pays the cancellation fees by full or partial cancellation of the order, they become due with immediate effect and determined in the way as follows: cancellation within 40 days before the beginning of the stay: free of charge cancellation 39–0 days before the beginning of the stay: 50% from the whole amount of the stay The guests pay for the accommodation at the start of theirs stay according to current pricelist. In case of a longer stay the guest is obliged to pay his/her account minimally one time a week. Before the departure from the hotel each guest is obliged to check out properly by paying his/her account. The hotel accepts payments by credit cards or in cash. In case of payment in EUR, the rate of 23 CZK/EUR is applied.

These house rules are obligatory for hotel guests from the day of conclusion of the accommodation contract (reservation of the accommodation) and are its indivisible part. By conclusion of the relevant contract the client confirms that he has made himself known and complies with its terms and conditions. Violation of any of these rules entitles the contract party to withdraw from the accommodation contract.